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We are a community of students, friends and companions who love to travel the world, party and live life to the fullest. We have found our home in Barcelona. Whether one of us is doing his Master’s degree or the other is running an online shop on the side, our passion is still simply to make the best out of every situation. After the experiences we have made in this beautiful but sometimes very expensive city, we want to offer you, our customers, friends and acquaintances, a good time with various activities in Barcelona.
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Because a picture is worth more than a thousand words, here are videos in the form of interviews during our parties. So that you can see what to expect and recognize yourself in certain situations. The rest of our videos are on our social networks and be the next to appear on these interviews.

Every year we do better and better and we strive to get you the best deals in terms of venues, what is included in our parties and in terms of price.

Of course the highlight period in Barcelona is summer (May to end of September) so we advise you to come during this period. It is also during this period that our pool party and boat party events come to life.

From the middle of June to the middle of September we are in collaboration with Summer Rockz Barcelona and can therefore offer you up to three events per day, sometimes reaching 2000 people in one event. If you come during this period, the demand is very high, so we advise you to contact us as soon as possible so that we can offer you the best possible organization.

The rest of the year don’t worry! Barcelona is filled with Erasmus students and the party never stops! That’s why from Sunday to Thursday we offer you the possibility to go to the best clubs of the city for free just by using our Uniscene guestlist at the entrance. And on weekends, we always organize private events in exceptional places at prices that will make anyone jealous who won’t be there.

For more information, and no matter when you come, fill in the information about your next trip to Barcelona and we will come back to you with a suitable program :

If you had to choose a destination for your summer 2023 don’t think again! This is your sign to come.
And if you’re still hesitating now, here are all the things Barcelona will bring to your vacation: good food at a good price, a beautiful and cultural city, lively neighborhoods with diverse markets to walk around every day, incredible weather, a joy of living everywhere you go, cheap cabs to get home safely, the beach and of course for the party people that you are, events that will take your breath away!

This year we are back stronger than ever in collaboration with Summer Rockz Barcelona to make you live a dream summer that you will remember for the rest of your life. We offer you several packages adapted to your taste and budget and once your package is booked all you need to do is put on your best clothes and come to the events.

In addition to the exclusive parties where you will be invited, for a trip that will not cost you a kidney, we offer you from your first event with us, a Summer Rockz bracelet where you will have access to lots of discounts in the city so that you do not return home by being forced to eat pasta every day. Discounts for restaurants, bars, jet ski, hairdresser, scooter… nearly 50 places partners will be proposed to you for a trip accessible to all while enjoying the maximum.

So, what are you waiting for to book?